Kids Tennis

red ball

4-5 years old kids

This class will use graduated equipment. This program is ideal for any child who is interested in tennis and having fun. We teach real tennis, introduce them to the basic core tennis fundamentals with an emphasis placed on hand-eye coordination and footwork exercises.

Orange ball

6-9 years old kids

The emphasis will be on fun and skill development. They will develop their motor skills, listening skills and ability to follow instructions while they learn tennis strokes. Forehand, backhand, volley, overhead and serve, combined with multisport games.

Green ball

Beginner players age 10 & up

Players will learn basic stroke production, as well as, work on agility, balance and coordination and fun game playing. They will also learn to keep score in order to begin playing tournaments and join the Intermediate program


Yellow ball

Intermediate players

This group will continue to work on stroke production and rallying skills and other fundamental skills. They will be learning to hit to specific locations on the court and learning to hit with spin and slice. Players will learn technical and tactical skills to prepare for tournament play.

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