Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis

Our After-School Program is a great opportunity for regular school hour students to benefit from our Academy. This provides players who are unable to commit to our double session program the best possible training to challenge and grow their game.

Besides a long and successful teaching experience at all levels, we have the ability to make players gain a passion to enjoy this game and make it as a sport of a lifetime.

Elite tennis

Are your goals pursuing a collegiate or professional tennis career?


This Programs are for players with same goals. That are looking to boost their performance, learn techniques, and become a more competitive tennis player. 


Let Us help you reach your goals!

Adult Tennis

This Programs  offer specific tennis improvement programs for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.


You’ll hit a ton of balls, work hard, meet new friends, and laugh a lot. You will leave avery drill with a new enthusiasm for the game and greater on-court self-confidence.

Kids Tennis

Sports are fun! That’s the main reason kids are interested in playing tennis, we believe that kids should learn while playing and having fun. At this age is the perfect opportunity to develop athletic skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork, balance, agility. Also to develop their social skills, listening skills, and sportsmanship.

This is the focus of our kids tennis program and provide an enjoyable learning environment

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